1:Earl Lofland:
Exclusive Posse Intel: Sam Bushman and Jack Mullen Discuss Election Day /Cwc8lv5pzl
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@RonaP728 @WallStreetQuee2 Multiple supreme courts have said it was unconstitutional which makes in null and void. You can break the law of the land to be elected to control the government. If we didn’t have a corrupt DOJ and Democrat/Rino politicians the election would have been decertified already.
4:Karma Logs:
@NamitaJaiHind assume, You made all the Hindus aware

what about Muslim youth Population &
their organized Jihadi plans

Pakistan : Hindus/Christian Converted, forced-married, Killed, Population reduced

India : Muslims growing, love Jihad, killing hindu, land grabing

Hindu kab Daman karega??
5:Randall Lofland:
Losing organizations usually fire the coach, not the whole team.
6:Julia Löf:
Vi måste kämpa emot med allt vi har! För Vladimir och för alla andra som söker skydd och ett nytt liv i vårt land ❤️

Läs och dela hans berättelse!

Tack @QXse för att ni uppmärksammar denna galenskap!

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I often imagine a world where every natural disparity is equalised. That means everyones equally beautiful, tall, strong, intelligent, etc., however it also means none of these attributes exist.
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What cms next:

> 2027 Israelite Curses End
> Were put back in our land (Africa)
> Gog/Magog War
> Satan Cast into LoF
> White Throne Judgement (LoF or Eternal life)
> New Heaven/Earth+City = 1400 Miles wide
> Gentiles give their wealth to Israel
> Jesus reigns eternally
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10:tayo tlcman:
@AlienWarrior75 @KariLake Well the land slide under her feet