@AmericanFietser does not even hold a candle to sitting at an outdoor cafe in the pedestrian and bike only areas that you can find in the historic centers of many European Cities. Oh the glorious people watching! As a bonus the coffee is soooooooo much better and it costs less too /oqcrwKFF0L
2:Podium Cafe:
@ednl @jens_dekker @velo_bristol @josselin_riou @MatMitchell30 I tried to recruit him to the Cafe! But he was all set doing his thing.
3:Twin Lakes Velo Cafe:
@THEJamesWhale He was verbally destroyed by Starmer.

The coffee we had
📍Velo Cafe

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#eatingplace #postholidayfeels /MMmPZ8s5dL
5:Café Velo:
This Sunday please avoid cycling in front of the cafe between 10.15 – 11.30 pm due to the Remembrance Sunday Service.

If youre cycling to the area, please feel free to secure your bike in our courtyard behind the back of the cafe ♥️

#cyclingwales #llantwitmajor
6:Ernest Travel Photographer:
Just posted a photo @ Velo Cafe Hua Hin /KFVSeAe24b
7:Twin Lakes Velo Cafe:
@Iromg You can’t help how you look but you can change how you think.
8:Café Velo:

We are pleased to announce that we will be stocking all things @GoatStolen in the future including cycling, outdoor, and swimming gear. To celebrate we will be running a welcome event on December 3rd at 4-7pm with discounts and giveaways! #cyclingwales #cyclinglife #stolengoat /0vZfHyH1uY
9:Twin Lakes Velo Cafe:
@NixJPayne ‘The proud Brit’ thinking about moving to Italy. If you people weren’t so dangerous you’d be hilarious.
10:Twin Lakes Velo Cafe:
@NixJPayne They deserve no courtesy whatsoever.