@Doctor_Hannah Beginning of February is the snow festival in Sapporo!
2:アンジェリー 💛 안젤리:
snow festival sapporo_2
currently looking at my old ER folders then i saw this pic

bat andito to sa folder na to? hahaha

~it me during my day at sapporo snow festival with baby kook my forever travel buddy back in 2019 😀 /MPF9z2IWug
23. I so badly want to go to the Sapporo snow festival. SO BAD.
4:hourly morgana bot:
snow festival sapporo_4
(PICTURE) (Travelling “Morgana” Newsletters) For Sapporo, he is dressed up as a snowman, a reference to the popular Sapporo Snow Festival, where thousands of snowmen, snow statues and ice sculptures are created each year. /WlKauAazGW
5:札幌国際芸術祭 / Sapporo International Art Festival:
snow festival sapporo_5
札幌国際芸術祭2024 / SIAF2024


/hi8BnX4ayF /jP1l78VDiK
Trance & Techno DJ Rinaly 札幌雪祭り☃️
#HighInJapan #北海道 #羊が丘展望台 #札幌 #techno #hardtechno #djset #trance #Music
【Sapporo Snow Festival 2022】Tribute live show ,DJ Rinaly|Supproted by High in Japan /OuyJgD17GQ @YouTubeより
7:박운음의 만풍화:
#さっぽろ雪まつり #Sapporo_Snow_Festival #삿포로눈축제 #아미 #pendrawing #drawing #illustration #art #펜드로잉 #드로잉 #그림 #일러스트레이션
8:Japan Wonder Travel:
Are you planning on making the trip up to Sapporo in Hokkaido for the famed Sapporo Snow Festival this winter? If you havent booked your accomodation yet, we have the perfect article for you. Have a look here for some of the best hotels near the festival!
9:GengHui (Jinghui) 景晖:
@VeryTastyWorld Its known as the Sapporo Snow Festival – /0U9RCtqlj1

Usually held in February every year, this is a very popular event, I havent visit this festival yet!

10:Japan Wonder Travel:
If you are planning on staying in Sapporo, but don’t know what hotels are the best to visit the Snow Festival then don’t worry we got your back!

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