1:Elon Musk:
@nichegamer Especially bizarre given that almost no one came to the office. Estimated cost per lunch served in past 12 months is >$400.
2:Doctor Profit 🇨🇭:
It’s not trading anymore it’s war

FTx about to get destroyed

You either participate in war and get loot or you leave trading today /pimOxf68mX
3:Shi Do:
golden bridge_3
Welcome to Sunworld!

✅Home of Alpine Coaster
✅Home of Golden Bridge
✅Home of French Village
And a lot more.
👉Link in my bio
#solotravel #vietnamtravel #vietnam #southeastasia #sunworld #sunworldbanahills #banahills #danang #sunworlddanangwonders /iGKx0MyIpL
4:X̷t̷r̷a̷c̷t̷| L͇o͇v͇e͇ ͇s͇o͇m͇e͇ |:
If you look at the real size of the adult gard the golden bridge_ in San Francisco is half the size of the adult gard which means the bridge is only half of the grags length
5:Indu Paudel:
golden bridge_5
Gandaki golden bridge_ 🌉❤️ /wFkxJnozi9
6:The Naked Watchmaker:
golden bridge_6
Deconstruction Corum
Golden Bridge Automatic
The sapphires set into the side of the case both allow visibility to view the side architecture of the movement, …
@CorumWatches @watchmakersclub @timetidewatches @timeandwatches @wornandwound /dheHwRYFg2
7:Beniamin Mincu | xday.com | Paris. 3-5 Nov 🔥:
39/ The Multiverse is the golden bridge_.

Not seeking to replace, or abandon our world and universe. But seeking to expand, improve, and enhance it.

Opening a new space for extraordinary positive feedback loops between the worlds.

Unifying, complementary, transformative.
8:World Travel Explorers:
Golden Bridge, Vietnam 🧡

#GoldenBridgeVietnam #bridge #Vietnam /HUIcLciUun
5. Golden Bridge, Gujarat /9KP9GMPjFa
10:Ananth Rupanagudi:
The Golden Bridge across the river Narmada that connects Ankleshwar to Bharuch, captured in 1900! It was built in 1881 by the BB&CI Railway, which needed this bridge across the Narmada River to complete the railway line from Bombay to Ahmedabad. @SachinKalbag @aparanjape /P6xsBr9axV