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John StevensHello everyone, I am John Stevens.Do you love quotes and quotations that inspire and motivate you? I know I do. Love Quotes and Quotations features famous quotes and inspirational sayings about the important things in life.

More than just a site on romance or love poems, we offer inspirational and motivational sayings–quotes on spirituality, baseball, leadership, religion, Native American wisdom, writing and even diet and exercise divided into convenient categories. Use these quotes to pick yourself up when you are down and inspire you to the highest in yourself.

As the creator of this site, I firmly believe that all forms of love (whether an affection for sports or another human being) motivate us to greatness and join us on common ground.

Although this site began as a collection of the famous and inspirational love quotes, love poem and poetry that speak to my heart, I invite you to make this site your own. Think about what makes your heart sing–what brings meaning to your life. Whether it falls in the category of love, sports, poetry, money, romance, religion, spirituality or friendship–it is a love quote.

By engaging your passions, you will come to see that your ability to love is your highest virtue.Our quotes and love poems are a celebration of all we cherish.