60 Love Poems For Him to Express Your Passion

Best Love Poems For Him

Whenever a woman is in love with a man she’ll do lots of special things for him like write sweet love poems for him. This is especially true on special days like Valentine’s Day or whenever a woman is unable to be with her man for a period of time due to circumstances or location. This is her way of showing him how much she really does love him.

Sending love poems is a woman’s way of expressing her thoughts of adoration for her man. It’s all about the figures of speech you choose to use in doing so. They will melt his heart simply because you’re showering him with your love, warmth and affection.

Unfortunately, some women simply aren’t able to write their own love poems for him. This isn’t something that you should become easily disappointed by though. There are lots of poems that you can borrow from famous poets. Of course, you can also still put some effort forward and any man would appreciate that alone since you’re being sincere. This is something that he’s sure to appreciate.

60 Love Poems For Him to Express Your Passion

First Love Poems For Him

1. My first true love

You mean the world to me. You are my everything.
I love you more than you’ll ever know. You’ve taught me a lot and made me into who i am today.
I want to be with you til the end but if for some reason were not.
I’ll always remember you and i’ll always love you and you’ll always have a special place in my heart. My first true love.

2. Love For the First Time

I feel comfort and ease when I’m with you
I feel passion and desire that is true,
I feel a new warmth in my heart
I feel love for the first time

First Love Poems For Him

3. Love again

Three years ago when you abandoned our friendship,
Telling me you just don’t love me like I do for you
You stole a little something more that lonesome day.
My ability to love another man was gone too.

4. First Love

People say
You never forget
Your first love
I’ve learned its true

5. First love, Only love

I wake up in the morning,
You are there by my side,
I feel a overwhelming feeling,
I somehow can’t hide.

6. First love!

Through eyes of a stranger, you stare at me
Face void of emotion, watching blankly
Our gaze is unbroken, I wait patiently
Girl… don’t you remember me?

First love Poems

7. First love lost wisdom gained

Months of confusion
days of horrible pain
weeks of endless crying
of the broken heart that will remain

Sad Lost Love Poems for Him

1. I Lost him

He will never see this so here i say his name
David Shamash
I should have told him before he left
I should have kissed him on that faintfull night he left

2. I Love Him But Lost him

I Love Him so
I Lost Him to Her
I wish i could be the One In His Arms
But I’m Not

3. Lost Love
Where is the man I fell in love with
I lost him years ago
I always thought of him
For you could only grow
But as time went by
He went his seperate way
Leaving me out of his life
Almost every day
I don’t know what happened
To the man I gave my heart to
But I see what he has become
It certainly makes me feel blue
We have a serious problem
One that I can’t ignore
I want my lover back
The way he was before.

4. Goodbye
I don’t really want to say goodbye
I don’t really want to leave you
But now I have to go away
Stay away from you forever
What we had was something special
Deep down from our hearts
But now I have to go away
And leave you from my heart.

Sad Lost Love Poems for Him

5. The Love of My Life
It was like the world was over,
As you lay in the hospital bed,
Waiting to be dead,
I wished you could stay,
I visited you every day,
I left flowers next to your side,
And wished the doctors had lied,
I will remember that day always,
As you slowly slipped away from me,
I would give up anything for you, even the sea,
I felt your hands turn cold,
And I felt as if my heart had been sold,
I cried at the funeral and with my friends,
Wherever I went without you it was like a bunch of dead ends
I can never find someone like you,
The love of my life.

I Love You Poems For Him

1. Love You Still

I keep dreaming of you
And I don’t know why
I’m suppose to be over you
Or is that just another lie

2. Im sorry i love you good bye

Every night i hear her screaming,
begging him to stop.
i hear loud banging noises,
and glass falling on the ground.

3. I’ll Always Love You

I don’t want you to get mad at me,
For what I’m about to say.
I didn’t know how to tell you,
Or how to put it any other way.

I Love You Poems For Him

4. I love you

I liked you alot I gave you my heart and you ran away with it. I tried to be like those girls you had in the past.
I gave you a devils kiss and walked away. Shame on me to think I had you.
I gave you all of me like a girl from a movie screen. Every time I’m with you I become frozen in time.
I’m the girl you hold hands with, the girl you always kiss, and when I return the one you always say you miss. I gave you my heart and you threw it away.
I’m sorry I tried again to make you see that you’re the only one for me.
I’ll just go away. I try to leave you alone but you always keep me coming back for more.
You play with my heart all the time but I let you. I’d rather have part of you then nothing at all.

5. I love you!

It doesn’t matter
if you are not with me tonight
If you have to be in another bed
of obligations…..

6. I love you!!!!

Hey babe, It’s actually been quite awhile,
I tend to be missing all that you left for me.
Your kisses, touches & the way you smile,
It’s starting to hurt & I’m struggling to breathe.

7. I know I love You!

So you asked me how do I know I love you well………………
There is not an hour in the day I dont think about you,
When I go to bed at night I dream about you.

8. Do you love me

Love me is all I ask of you.
you see me here

Romantic Love Poems For Him

1. She Loved Him

Underneath the willow tree
stars dancing in the leaves
a picture left for all to see
one girl left to deceive

She Loved Him Poems

2. Poem for him

When you broke me heart
That fatal day
I knew life would never be the same again
I scared my family so bad they left.

3. Me vs him

Ive got 5 dollars in the bank
he’s got 5 million
I’ve got our son at home
he’s got a girlfriend with a fake nose

4. Letter to him

Is this how it has to end?
The moment of a new start
soon as we were getting back together again
we had to drift apart

5. Just him

Hand on my shoulder
I turn around and stare
Into your deep brown eyes
While I know you don’t care.

6. I saw him today

I saw him today.
A glimpse, nothing more.
But i saw him today.
Truly, i really did.

7. I miss him so much

I pretend not to miss him,
Hoping all the feelings will go away.
I put on a smile,
So everyone thinks I am okay.

8. I love him

I never thought i could meet someone
like him he means the world to me
he is soo sweet he really knows
how to treat a gurl

9. Everything About Him

His laughter brings me joy,
making every one of those moments last forever.
His tears break my heart,
because i can’t stand to see him cry.

10. Romantic Wish

What do you wish for at night?
A toy car, a giant doll, an end to an endless fight
I wish for a romantic love
An angel to come from up above

Romantic Wish Poems

11. Our romantic love, our beautiful night

It’s a beautiful night,
for our love…
turn out the lights,
lets lay down my handsome dove…

12. Numbers days of the young romantic

These days are endless
where we begin that process
of growing into all of these
inescapable imperfections

13. My love for him

My love for him is strong
the way our love was made
the way he smiled made me smile
the fact of moving on hurts me deep down

14. I love him..Not you

One day it will be over,
And i wont be with you,
Its almost over now,
And i know i will make it through,

15. I love Him So!

I’m so lonely
I cry at night
I miss my baby
This ain’t right

Romantic Love Poems For Him

16. I love him i love him not

I love him, I love him not
Did he tell me that he loved me? I forgot
Love is a wonderful thing
Its like god giving you your first pair of wings

17. How I love him

How can I hurt so much?
And yet still love you with all my heart?
How do I pretend to be so strong,
When in reality, I’m falling apart!

18. Do i Love him

I tell him I love him
Jus like he tells me he loves me
but do I really??
Instead of me askin him if he really loves me…

Cute Love Poems For Him

1. Youre cute

I think you are cute,
I really do,
I like your face,
and figure to.

2. Love is cute

You lift your voice,i lift mine
two ribbons intertwine
i hear the pulse. i feel the boat

3. Cute Love

Whenever you sign in you find me online
I ask “how do you do?”
And you say that you’re fine
Well, pour some love between my lines

Cute Love Poems For Him

Sweet Love Poems For Him

1. Sweet taste of your love

Looking for the cure, to this life of loneliness
I was given a taste of your love
A beautiful heart, to call my very own

2. Sweet love poems for him

wo fools in drunken stupor
They love and fight again
Putting blame upon the other
A game no one can win.

3. Sweet Love Nectar

I’m feeling like a caged wildcat,
Because I’m not where you’re at
Being alone just isn’t for me,
I long to feel you lustfully
by Poems love by Rada

Birthday Love Poems For Him

1. Happy Birthday

The cake is laced with acid
The drinks are filled with cocain
The moon is high above us
This ritual will remain

Birthday Love Poems For Him

2. Happy Birthday to my DAD

On April 9 in 1949
there was a huge snow storm
my nan has a baby
a baby boy was born

3. Happy Birthday Love

On a day like this that i treasure so dearly
I write this poem because you are so dear to me
How can you not like this day?
When my heart tingles when you look this way…

Wedding Love Poems For Him

1. Your Wedding day

As i sit by my window looking out in the rain
I cry my heart out because i feel so much pain
I have loved you then and i still love you now
I’ve been wanting to tell you but i dont know how

2. Wedding vow

You’re the greatest men I’ve ever met,
And the prettiest one at that too.
I know we’re in love,
And I want to spend my life with you.

3. Wedding Ring

When are you ready to give your all?
Enter into a life, for both to stand tall
Did you know it from the start?
Dreaming of love never to part?

Wedding Love Poems For Him

Valentine Day Love Poems For Him

1. You are my Valentine

Will you be my valentine
You’re the only one that makes me happy
I wish you could see the way you love me
You take away all my fears

2. Will You Be My Valentine

Eternal love is exchanged through tender spoken words,
weaving together two devoted hearts with undeniable delight.
Sharing something special, a beautifully blossomed relationship,
despite complicated ways, these feelings expressed will not stop,

3. Valentine for him

The expected takes form in roses of red,
Shielded, caged by a garden bed.
A thorn you stole, and pricked your head,
Whimpering slowly; “would you prefer me dead?”

4. To My Valentine

Flowers wither and chocolates mold,
Soon tossed away with food gone old,
They line the tops of a thousand cans-
The discarded remnants of romantic plans.

5. My Valentine poem

Words shall not measure my love for you,
Nor shall age cause your beauty fade;
None I love so much but you,
You’re a blessed soul, God could ever create.

My Valentine love poem for him

Christmas Love Poems For Him

1. White Christmas

Up in the cabin for a weekend with you
Of course the parents have to come along too
But alone all day to do our own thing
So only you and me together in this white snowy world

2. Sing a song of Christmas

Christmas time
Sing-a-song of Christmas,
presents around the tree.

3. Merry Christmas

I’m wishing each and everyone of us,
A most merry, and holy Christmas
And to all we each hold dear,
A very blessed and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas Love Poems For Him

I hope you love these love poems for him. Regardless of the mode of communication you choose to use, the most important thing is that you tell him what’s really on your heart. This can be anything from the romantic love poem to something funny or cute. Simply choose your message and put it into words before you sneak it into his wallet.

Once your guy recovers from shock he is guaranteed to go head over heels due to the fact that you’ve written a poem for him. It really doesn’t matter how corny or mushy your poem will be, your man is still going to be impressed by it. After all, this really is one of the sweetest, most touching things that a girl can do for her guy.

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