50 Best Inspiring Writing Quotes to Awaken The Muse in You

Are you looking for the best inspiring writing quotes? These writing quotes from published authors show how they share your joy and angst in being a writer. Use these gems of wisdom to inspire, inform and most of all, to motivate you to write each day. Through daily practice, your genius is revealed. In other words, just keep on writing.

50 Best Inspiring Writing Quotes to Awaken The Muse in You

  1.  ‘Write what disturbs you, what you fear, what you have not been willing to speak about. Be willing to be split open.’-Natalie Goldberg

  2. A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit. – Richard Bach.

  3.  ‘There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.’ –Maya Angelou

  4.  “Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”-Louis L’Amour

  5. One must be just a little crazy to write a great novel.-John Gardner

  6.  ‘Writing is a way of talking without being interrupted.’-Jules Renard

  7. “A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.”–Thomas Mann

  8. No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.-Robert Frost

  9.  ‘All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.’-Ernest Hemingway

  10.  ‘Writing is the only thing that when I do it, I don’t feel I should be doing something else.’- Gloria Steinem

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  11. As a published author myself, I know these words ring true. Read them, make them your own and above all, get started writing your first book.~ Laura Ramirez

  12. “Writers, like teeth, are divided into incisors and grinders.” ~Walter Bagehot

  13. Don’t just read about writing, get started writing a book – this is the resource I used to write my first book which has won multiple awards. It’s downloadable, better yet, it’s free!

  14. “The best antidote to writer’s block is … to write.” ~Henriette Anne Klauser

  15. “The good writer seems to be writing about himself, but has his eye always on that thread of the Universe which runs through himself and all things.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

  16. “Wait until you are hungry to say something, until there is an aching in you to speak.” ~Natalie Goldberg

  17. “It is by sitting down to write every morning that one becomes a writer.” ~Gerald Brenan

  18. I write to discover what I think. –Joan Didion

  19. My rule of writing is that no one can do what you can do, so jealousy or competitiveness are pointless. I am always happy when one of my sisters has a book published that I get to read.- Hallie Ephron

  20. A writer is a world trapped in a person. – Victor Hugo

  21. You might not write well every day, but you can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.

  22. I think new writer are too worried that it has all been said before. Sure it has, but not by *you*. —Asha Dornfest

  23. We write down made up stories to tell the truths we wish we could say aloud.

  24. Your intuition knows what to write, so get out of the way ~ Ray Bradbury.

  25. Writing: somewhere between torture and fun.

  26. “All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the trust sentence that you know.” –Ernest Hemingway.

  27. “We write to taste life twice…” – Anais Nin

  28. “The writer is by nature a dreamer — a conscious dreamer.” — Carson McCullers

  29. Writers aren’t exactly people…. They’re a whole bunch of people trying to be one person.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

  30. To write well, express yourself like common people, but think like a wise man. Or, think as wise men do, but speak as the common people do.Aristotle

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  31. I write to give myself strength. I write to be the characters that I am not. I write to explore all the things I’m afraid of. ‘Joss Whedon

  32. Maybe it won’t be famous. Maybe it won’t be a movie. But that’s not why I started it. And that’s not why I’ll finish it.’-writer’s soul

  33. You can’t blame a writer for what the characters say.” – Truman Capote

  34.  ‘If you don’t see the book you want on the shelf, write it.’-Beverly Cleary

  35. Very few writers know what they are doing until they have done it.”-Anne Lamott

  36. I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.Flannery O’Connor

  37. Don’t be afraid to write crap – it makes the best fertilizer. The more you write the better your chances. – Pat Pattison

  38. If I waited for perfection… I would never write a word.” – Margaret Atwood

  39. Do not be paralyzed by the idea that you are writing a book; just write.- Isabelle Allende

  40.  ‘I write entirely to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear.’- Joan Didion

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  41.  ‘You fail only if you stop writing.-Ray Bradbury

  42.  ‘There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.’ – Ernest Hemingway

  43. You must write for yourself and not what you think people want to read.- Jodi Ellen Malpas

  44. We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.’-Anais Nin 

  45. The writer is by nature a dreamer – a conscious dreamer.- Carson McCullers

  46. Writing is only reading turned inside-out. –John Updike.

  47. “We talked about our voices as writers–how they are strong and brave but how as people we are wimps. This is what creates our craziness. The chasm between the great love we feel for the world when we sit and write about it and the disregard we give it in our own human lives.”~Natalie Goldberg

  48. “What is The Subconscious to every other man, in its creative aspect becomes, for writers, The Muse.” ~Ray Bradbury

  49. “One writes out of one thing only–one’s own experience. Everything depends on how relentlessly one forces from the experience the last drop, sweet or bitter, it can possibly give.” ~James Baldwin

  50. “It is a paradox of creativity that the very way to move beyond the conventional stage [of writing] is not to try harder, but to take a seeming step backward: to reawaken and cultivate in ourselves some of the ways we had of perceiving and expressing when we were children.” ~Gabrielle Lusser Rico

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